The Spirituality of Dance – a Start

The Spirituality of Dance

We are holistic beings comprised of minds, bodies and spirit.   One of the greatest tragedies of modern times in Western culture is that we have lost sense of the interconnectedness of our mind, body and spirit. Many of us tend to compartmentalize and separate these components of our humanness.

As kinesthetic beings we use our bodies to move through space – and yet in our busy world rushing from point A to point B we are often disassociated from our movement as our minds are engaged elsewhere.   One only needs to look at all the people walking down the street plugged into their phones or mpg players, totally oblivious to their surroundings to realize the truth of this.

I first became interested in tacit knowledge, bodily knowledge when I knew in my body that I had an extraordinary experience that I couldn’t articulate.   I began to notice that I took data in through my body as I sensed different types of energy from those around me.

I also realized that I felt certain kinds of music in my bones – music that beckoned me to move – specifically to dance. And when I danced, my soul filled with joy. My spirit and body were one.   Somehow as I journeyed through adulthood I had lost that connection – until I began ballroom dancing in my mid-50’s.

Many ancient traditions always recognized this connection between body and soul – even to the point of having “sacred” dances or dance(s) to invoke the gods. And here I was learning how to nourish my soul and spirit again through encouraging my mind and body to work together to create beautiful movements.   And in the process, learning more about myself each day.   But we’ll save that for future posts.