Practice, Practice, Practice


Let’s begin with the question “Am I really serious about my dance goals?”   If yes, than I need to practice regularly – preferably daily – right?   Yet as many of us know, easier said than done – especially when we have busy lives, other commitments, and make our living outside the dance world.


So how do I motivate myself to practice?     I’m learning to apply several “tricks” – some of which I picked up from my professional life and others that I’m learning as I go.


Motivational tricks right now:

  1. Remind myself of my numerous dance goals.   This trick works for me because I can get bored easily. Since I have several different goals, on any given day, I can either practice a showcase routine, focus on technique for a particular dance or work on using my whole body for greater expressiveness.
  2. When I’m home (I travel extensively for business), schedule mini-practices throughout my workday – sort of bouncing back and forth between work and practicing.
  3. Sometimes schedule a larger block of time for practice, with built in mini-rewards like playing a video game.
  4. Watch dance videos – especially ones that focus on a particular technique I may be struggling with
  5. Since I have, like most of us, favorite dances, I might watch videos of professional dancers for inspiration – especially useful when I’m working on technique.
  6. When I do travel (and this is probably the biggest challenge to practicing), work in mini-practices that focus on technique I can do in a hotel room. For example, I might work on arm movements.
  7. Begin by doing some other physical activity to get me moving first – I’m finding that doing a little yoga or ballet barre technique gets me into the right headspace to practice.


And finally, just writing about dance – like this post – gets me excited and motivated.