Excuses and Self-Limiting Beliefs


This dance journey is so much bigger than just physically learning steps and I am continually amazed at how many life lessons are interwoven in my dance


I would guess that most of us who are amateur competitive dancers have to work as much on our mental state as our physical technique. Both excuses and self-limiting beliefs speak more to our mental state and often manifest when we’ve sidelined or forgotten our personal long-term goals.


Excuses often surface for me when I’m not doing all I can to move forward. For example, I make excuses for why I’m not practicing like I should.   Excuses usually surface with the phrases “I can’t” or “I don’t”:

  1. My body can’t do that – I’m not flexible enough
  2. I don’t have enough time to learn that
  3. I can’t practice in hotel rooms
  4. Or even, I’m just too tired to…


Self-limiting beliefs, on the other hand, are generally how we hold ourselves back due to some kind of fear. Said beliefs can take many forms; they often begin with the phrases “I’m too….” or “I’m afraid…” (fill in the blank). An early self-limiting belief might be that “I’m afraid that I’ll look silly/ridiculous, etc.”. Some of mine are:


  1. I’m too chunky to look good on the dance floor
  2. I’m taking too long to master the technique
  3. I’m too old to… compete on a national level
  4. I’m too…to wear those costumes


So how do you overcome either excuses or self-limiting beliefs?   Thoughts for another post!