When the Body Says No


It’s been a busy three months since I lasted posted.   Lots of international and domestic business travel – Dallas, Poland, India, Singapore and Uruguay.

It’ a good thing I like to travel – and the business does pay for dance lessons and competitions. On the other hand, the travel wreaks havoc with my dance goals since practice becomes a challenge.


It’s been a while since I’ve traveled so extensively to international locations – and I totally underestimated the toll jetlag would have on dance practice.   While I managed to get a few yoga sessions in, a tiny amount of dance prep exercises, plus some walking to and from the office or for meals, finding the additional energy to practice routines or improve on technique was nearly impossible.   My body just said, “No”.   I think I put my dance shoes on only once in the two week Asia trip.


So I am now exploring ways to honor both my body’s needs and make at least some minor progress toward my dance goals without feeling overwhelmed.   I stumbled upon a silly-sounding tip to work fitness into to a busy daily routine. The tip: every time you go to the bathroom, do a few targeted exercises – and before you know it, you’ll have done a half-decent workout.   Boy howdy, the tip also works for dance technique exercises as well – even at home when my energy is lagging.   The best news – after a few mini-practices, I’m actually more motivated to attack the longer practices.









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