D Delightful

A Artistically

N Nuanced

C Communication

E Experience


Since DANCE is my word for 2018, I’m having a bit of fun playing around with how I might use DANCE as an acronym (or backcronym, depending on your definition) to keep me focused on the word.


Must admit, even this bit of word play is bringing new and different insights into my dance journey.   For example, I’ve been struggling a bit with a lack of enthusiasm for my next showcase – which is surprising given that I love the music, love choreography and I’m working on technique aimed at long term goals.


Yet, when I started the above acronym, I was actually able to frame the upcoming showcase with a different focus – and regain some much-needed motivation.


Again, just another example of how the mental and physical can positively influence each other. So, in that spirit, I’m off to my last practice before the showcase.



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