Another Showcase


I might have mentioned that I was having a hard time getting my head into the game for our studio’s winter showcase (think adult recital where students learn a choreographed routine and then perform for an audience).


While I loved most of the routine, which also included some good challenges for developing additional skills, my heart just wasn’t totally engaged so I waivered between being excited and feeling obligated.   After almost 11 years of doing showcases, this place was new – I’d previously been terrified, excited, passionate but never blah about a showcase.   I couldn’t get enthused about costumes, hair, etc.


I finally figured out that, while learning new routines to perform is fun, I was stuck in thinking that said showcase practice and lessons was taking away from some other long term goals I have for my dance life.   What’s ironic is that we (my instructor and me) chose this showcase dance specifically to work on advanced technique, etc.


Thankfully, because I have a fabulous instructor with whom I can share thoughts and through some good dialogue with him (plus my last blog post), I was able to re-frame this showcase.   I was finally able to think about this showcase as contributing to my long-term goals.


And what a joy this performance turned out to be.   Not only did I nail it, but we probably executed the best lift (to date) of my dance career.   Needless to say, not only was I ecstatic after the performance, but those feelings lasted well into the next couple of days.   Yeah, I really do love performing.


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