Post Showcase – New Insights

Back to my word for the year, DANCE, as I play with acronyms.   Here’s the latest:

D Demanding

A Athletic

N Necessary

C Conditioning

E Enterprise

Dance is a demanding, athletic, necessary, conditioning enterprise.   How many times do we have to remind ourselves to practice?   As with any other skill set, improvement comes with consistent practice, yet like working out, how often do we make excuses?

Personally, I seem to go in spurts.   For several months leading up to my most recent showcase, was able to get myself to the studio a minimum of two times/week to practice before any lessons.   While I did concentrate mostly on the showcase routine, I also spent time practicing competition routines or even the minutia of certain techniques.

After the showcase, despite its success, for at least 3 weeks, I could hardly get moving.   I even have a small practice area at home (my living room which was obviously decorated during the holidays) and yet even at home, I have been hit or miss.   I can’t even use illness as an excuse as I’m perfectly healthy.

What I finally realized is that other areas of my life have been impinging on my mental focus.   For example, it’s hard to get motivated to practice when one is worried about the health of a loved one or how to generate more business.   I re-discovered the mind-body connection – in this case, my mental state was impacting my body – I wasn’t sleeping well and had no energy.

The good news is that once I recognized what was going on, I was able to motivate myself to do a short practice – which led to another practice – and so on. Again, re-discovering the irony is in the situation — that practice can also help positively alter one’s mental state.

And who thought that dance would lead to such introspection?



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