The spirit is willing, body not so much.  


I was reminded again the past couple of weeks of our mind body connection.     And how much we really do need to listen to our bodies.


Earlier this year, I re-committed to this blog, with the intent that I would post a minimum of 3-4 times a month.   As many bloggers know, we start off with a bang and then either life interferes or we get distracted…and the time between posts gets longer and longer.


And I was doing pretty well, making regular posts – even had a plan on the kinds of future posts I was going to do. That is, until Mother Nature threw me one of her curve balls in the form of a rapid onset of the flu. Fortunately, I managed to limp through a mild case, with the help of herbal teas, some whiskey and honey, and Vicks VapoRub.


What came as a real surprise, though, was how foggy my brain was for several days post symptoms. I wanted to write, felt like I had some ideas but the very thought of writing made my brain tired.   And perish the thought of any lessons or physical practice.


In years past, I might have pushed through and not listened to my body – I might have tried to take that lesson or forced myself to practice.   This time, my body said “No” and I listened.   I rested, I gave my brain a rest and I slept.


And while I’m not 100% yet (almost), I am actually re-energized, excited about writing, practicing and dancing.


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