Energy Vampires – Gratitude?


Some days we have it, some days we don’t.


For the past couple of weeks, mostly I don’t.   It’s been a roller coaster ride observing my energy – or lack there of.   I am not used to being “under the weather” so the past month has been a real lesson in patience as I recover from multiple minor health issues.


I did manage to squeeze in a fabulous coaching session (more on that in another post) with one of our external dance coaches, but I’ve canceled more lessons in this past month than I can ever remember – and I’ve been dancing almost 12 years.


And just the thought of practicing made me curl up in my bed.   Wow – just taking a shower was an effort.


So now that my health has drastically improved, I realize how fortunate I am.   I am filled with gratitude that my body is healing, that I have the luxury of full movement, that I can get back to practicing, that I can look forward to dance lessons.


I am filled with gratitude that I have the opportunity to learn from expert coaches, that I have an instructor who sees no limits and pushes me to do my best. And I am most grateful for a spouse who supports me in all my dreams – and who dances with me.


I am ready to dance!!!


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